Looking for responsive, knowledgeable service from your title insurance agent?

Since 1995, President and Owner, Adam Plevyak, has devoted himself to the needs of Missouri title insurance customers. With years of experience in all aspects of title insurance, escrow closings, 1031 tax deferred exchanges, construction disbursing and agency management, True Line Title was crafted to marry industry experience with his understanding of what it takes to complete successful real estate transactions for the benefit of his clients.

With so many title options, why choose True Line Title Company?

Relationship: There is nothing more important than our relationship with you. True Line Title is eager to tailor its operations to fit the specific work flow and patterns of each of our clients.

Personal, Expert Service: True Line Title is managed by Adam Plevyak, a trusted name for title in Columbia and Boone County. He will be intimately familiar with each and every transaction and will work with certainty towards a smooth closing that will leave borrowers ready to do business with you again and again.

Flexibility: In the modern world of instant everything and mobility everywhere, we understand the importance of agility and nimbleness in business. We promise to deliver our best, most accurate title products and services suited to demands of today’s real estate realities.

“Taking care of my clients, their interests, and the expectations of the policyholder are practices I take to heart. I would like to earn the distinction of being your title company of choice.”

— Adam Plevyak

True Line Title Offices

Columbia Office:
110 East Ash Street
Columbia, Missouri 65203
p: 573-442-5554
f: 573-442-6010
For Closings:Closings@TrueLineTitle.com
For Titles:Titles@TrueLineTitle.com
For Orders:Orders@TrueLineTitle.com

Audrain Co Office:
222.S Jefferson St.
Suite 211
Mexico, Missouri 65265
p: 573-975-5005
f: 573-975-5006